10th EAI International Conference on Communications and Networking in China

Research Article

Routing in the Centralized Identifier Network

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  • Wensheng Chen
    Hui Li
    Jun Lu
    Chaoqi Yu
    Fuxing Chen
    Year: 2015
    Routing in the Centralized Identifier Network
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.15-8-2015.2260574
Wensheng Chen1,*, Hui Li1, Jun Lu1, Chaoqi Yu1, Fuxing Chen1
  • 1: Shenzhen Graduate School, Peking University, China.
*Contact email: chenwensheng@pku.edu.cn


We propose a clean-slate network architecture called Centralized Identifier Network (CIN) which jointly considers the ideas of both control plane/forwarding plane separation and identifier/locator separation. In such an architecture, a controller cluster is designed to perform routers’ link states gathering and routing calculation/handing out. Meanwhile, a tailor-made router without routing calculation function is designed to forward packets and communicate with its controller. Furthermore, A router or a host owns a globally unique ID and a host should be registered to a router whose ID will be the host’s location. Control plane/forwarding plane separation enables CIN easily re-splitting the network functions into finer optional building blocks for sufficient flexibility and adaptability. Identifier/locator separation helps CIN deal with serious scaling problems and offer support for host mobility. This article mainly shows the routing mechanism of CIN. Furthermore, numerical results are presented to demonstrate the performance of the proposed mechanism.