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TADA: An Active Measurement Tool for Automatic Detection of AQM

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        title={TADA: An Active Measurement Tool for Automatic Detection of AQM},
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  • Minoo Kargar Bideh
    Andreas Petlund
    Carsten Griwodz
    Iffat Ahmed
    Razieh behjati
    Anna Brunstrom
    Stefan Alfredsson
    Year: 2016
    TADA: An Active Measurement Tool for Automatic Detection of AQM
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.14-12-2015.2262684
Minoo Kargar Bideh1,*, Andreas Petlund1, Carsten Griwodz1, Iffat Ahmed1, Razieh behjati1, Anna Brunstrom2, Stefan Alfredsson2
  • 1: Simula Research Laboratory, Norway
  • 2: Karlstad University, Sweden
*Contact email:


The problem of overbuffering in today's Internet (termed as bufferbloat) has recently drawn a great amount of attention from the research community. This has led to the development of various active queue management (AQM) schemes. The last years have seen a lot of effort to show the benefits of AQMs over simple tail-drop queuing and to encourage deployment. Yet it is still unknown to what extent AQMs are deployed in the Internet. In this paper, we present an end-to-end active measurement method to detect AQMs on the path bottleneck. We have developed an active measurement tool, named \emph{TADA}, and evaluated our measurement methodology on a controlled experimental testbed. Experimental results show that the proposed approach provides the basis to identify whether an AQM is deployed on the bottleneck.