Proceedings of the 2nd Multidisciplinary International Conference, MIC 2022, 12 November 2022, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia

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Entrepreneurship as a Life Choice

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  • Priyo Subekti
    Hanny Hafiar
    FX. Ari Agung Prastowo
    Year: 2023
    Entrepreneurship as a Life Choice
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.12-11-2022.2327391
Priyo Subekti1,*, Hanny Hafiar1, FX. Ari Agung Prastowo1
  • 1: Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia
*Contact email:


Entrepreneurship is one solution that can be done to reduce the rate of unemployment growth by providing jobs. The provision of employment opportunities must be carried out to absorb the increasing number of productive workers. However, not everyone is capable of entrepreneurship because, one of the problems in entrepreneurship is the courage factor in taking risks and must be able to manage both material and non-material resources. Currently, the profession as an entrepreneur is still seen as a second-class profession that has not become a priority for people's work choices, especially the younger generation. Professions such as civil servants and private employees are still excellent in the eyes of the public because such professions have a steady income every month which makes it easier for them to manage their finances and plan for the future. The characteristics of the entrepreneurial culture that individuals do not necessarily have, they get the entrepreneurial spirit through a long process, starting from family education, environmental influences, government support and opportunities around them. Currently, what needs to be considered in terms of entrepreneurship is how to instill an entrepreneurial culture in the younger generation, especially graduates of secondary education and higher education because they do not have a strong spirit to become entrepreneurs. After graduating from education, they generally enter the job market to find work, and not create jobs.