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Arithmetic Bird: a game for training mathematical operations

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  • André F. C. Aparício
    Frutuoso G. M. Silva
    Year: 2019
    Arithmetic Bird: a game for training mathematical operations
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.11-7-2019.159526
André F. C. Aparício1, Frutuoso G. M. Silva1,2,*
  • 1: University of Beira Interior, Covilhã, Portugal
  • 2: Instituto de Telecomunicações, Lisboa, Portugal
*Contact email:


We present a game for training main mathematical operations for elementary school students, mainly for the third and fourth-grade. The learning mechanisms used in the game were included in the game mechanics. The target audience evaluated the game and the results were positive, both in the gameplay and in the learning. Three groups were used to evaluate the learning: one control group that did not play the game, another group that played it in the school and the third group that played at home. The last two groups were used to compare the use of the game in scholar and in the home contexts. The first group was used to compare to the groups that played the game. The results showed that the use of the game has a positive effect on the improvement of the mental calculus rapidness of the players. The statistical analysis of the data showed a significant reduction of the time from pre- to post-test and Cohen’s d value was used to evaluate the magnitude of the effect for each group analysed. Besides, we also observed that playing the game at school or at home has similar results. Therefore, the game can be an effective educational tool for students and teachers.