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Organization of Museum Exhibit Information for Ubiquitous Visitors

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        author={Preeti Khanwalkar and Pallapa Venkataram},
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  • Preeti Khanwalkar
    Pallapa Venkataram
    Year: 2020
    Organization of Museum Exhibit Information for Ubiquitous Visitors
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.11-6-2020.166011
Preeti Khanwalkar1, Pallapa Venkataram1,*
  • 1: Protocol Engineering and Technology Unit, Department of Electrical Communication Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, 560012
*Contact email: pallapa@iisc.ac.in


INTRODUCTION: A wide variety and an increasing amount of exhibit information is often overwhelming for the museum ubiquitous visitors. OBJECTIVES: In this work, we propose the organization of museum exhibit information to mitigate theinformation overloading problem of the ubiquitous visitors. METHODS: The Introductory Attributes (IA), Functional/Behavioral Attributes (F/BA), and Descriptive Attributes (DA) which broadly characterize the museum exhibit information are organized as essential and further aselaborated information at the levels of school kids, college students, and professionals ubiquitous visitors. RESULTS: The results show that the museum exhibit information organization time and the size of the organized information increases with the increase in the understanding levels of the ubiquitous visitors. CONCLUSION: The organization of Swami Vivekananda exhibit information indicates an example of catering information for the individual requirements of museum ubiquitous visitors.