2nd International ICST Conference on Body Area Networks

Research Article

Analysis of interference in WBANs

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        author={Valter Bella and Toma Stefano Popescu and Claudio Borean},
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  • Valter Bella
    Toma Stefano Popescu
    Claudio Borean
    Year: 2007
    Analysis of interference in WBANs
    DOI: 10.4108/bodynets.2007.91
Valter Bella1,*, Toma Stefano Popescu2,*, Claudio Borean3,*
  • 1: Telecom Italia Lab Via Reiss Romoli 274 Turin 10148 - Italy Phone : +39 011 228 5643
  • 2: stage in Telecom Italia Lab Via Reiss Romoli 274 Turin 10148-Italy Phone: +39 340 899 529
  • 3: Telecom Italia Lab Via Reiss Romoli 274 Turin 10148 - Italy Phone: + 39 011 228 5570
*Contact email: valter.bella@telecomitalia.it, stefanop35@gmail.com, claudio.borean@telecomitalia.it


Healthcare applications, Body monitoring are just some of the BAN applications. Lately WBAN deployments have been based on ZigBee links operating on the ISM band, sharing the spectrum with many other technologies, widely deployed as well, such as WLAN. WBANs, based on WSN using ZigBee, usually share the ISM band with other communication standards. Interference is then one of the main issues to be addressed. The amount of traffic present on one WSN link might be very small when when compared with other technologies, nevertheless the integrity of the delivered information might be vital in some applications. Performance regarding throughput in WBAN links using ZigBee, in presence of other widely deployed technologies, are presented in this work in order to get a vision of the interference in each of the cases. WBANs promise inexpensive and effective solutions, on most of their applications. Interference might be a problem though. An arrangement on the placement of other technologies in the domestic environment has to be reached in order to avoid interference that can be very critic.