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A Virtual Environment based Serious Game to Support Health Education

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        author={Tiago Gomes and Tiago Abade and Jos\^{e} Creissac Campos and  Michael D.  Harriso and Jos\^{e} Lu\^{\i}s Silva},
        title={A Virtual Environment based Serious Game to Support Health Education},
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        keywords={Human Factors, Design, Health Education, Serious Games, Asthma, Virtual Environments},
  • Tiago Gomes
    Tiago Abade
    José Creissac Campos
    Michael D. Harriso
    José Luís Silva
    Year: 2014
    A Virtual Environment based Serious Game to Support Health Education
    DOI: 10.4108/amsys.1.3.e5
Tiago Gomes1, Tiago Abade1, José Creissac Campos1, Michael D. Harriso2, José Luís Silva3,*
  • 1: Departamento de Informática/Universidade do Minho & HASLab/INESC TEC, Braga, Portugal
  • 2: Newcastle University & Queen Mary University of London, UK
  • 3: Madeira-ITI, Universidade da Madeira, Funchal, Portugal
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APEX was developed as a framework for ubiquitous computing (ubicomp) prototyping through virtual environments. In this paper the framework is used as a platform for developing a serious game designed to instruct and to inform. The paper describes the Asthma game, a game aimed at raising awareness among children of asthma triggers in the home. It is designed to stimulate a healthier life-style for those with asthma and respiratory problems. The game was developed as the gamification of a checklist for the home environment of asthma patients.