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The Role of Biometric in Banking: A Review

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  • Mehdi Marani
    Morteza Soltani
    Mina Bahadori
    Masoumeh Soleimani
    Atajahangir Moshayedi
    Year: 2023
    The Role of Biometric in Banking: A Review
    DOI: 10.4108/airo.3676
Mehdi Marani1,*, Morteza Soltani2, Mina Bahadori2, Masoumeh Soleimani2, Atajahangir Moshayedi3
  • 1: Islamic Azad University, Isfahan
  • 2: Clemson University
  • 3: Jiangxi University of Science and Technology
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Biometrics plays a pivotal role in enhancing security, ensuring accurate identification, and offering convenient solutions across diverse industries. Its uniqueness, reliability, and potential for future advancements establish it as a crucial and valuable field in today's digital landscape. Fingerprint authentication in ATMs presents primary advantages such as heightened security through distinctive identification and user convenience by eliminating the reliance on PINs or passwords. This research paper focuses on conducting a comprehensive review and comparative analysis of various approaches for fingerprint identification, aiming to contribute to the understanding of effective and efficient methods in the context of ATM authentication.