Proceedings of the Workshop on ns-3

Research Article

Design and Implementation of AQM Evaluation Suite for ns-3

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  • Ankit Deepak
    Shravya K. S.
    Mohit P. Tahiliani
    Year: 2017
    Design and Implementation of AQM Evaluation Suite for ns-3
    DOI: 10.1145/3067665.3067674
Ankit Deepak1,*, Shravya K. S.1, Mohit P. Tahiliani1
  • 1: Wireless Information Networking Group (WiNG) NITK Surathkal, Mangalore, India, 575025
*Contact email:


Excessive bu‡ering in network devices should be avoided because it leads to a series of performance issues such as high queuing latency and variations in delay. Active ‰eue Management (AQM) algorithms play a vital role in monitoring and controlling the queue length in these devices. Recently there has been a signiÿcant progress in the design and development of new AQM algorithms. However, thoroughly evaluating the performance of AQM algo-rithms is a nontrivial task. In an e‡ort to simplify this, the Active‰eue Management and Packet Scheduling Working Group at IETF have proposed informational guidelines in RFC 7928 to test the applicability, performance and deployment complexity of AQM al-gorithms. „is paper presents the design and implementation of an AQM evaluation framework for ns-3 which helps to quickly study the performance of AQM algorithms based on the guidelines men-tioned in RFC 7928. „e proposed framework automates simulation setup, topology creation, tra†c generation, program execution, re-sults collection and their graphical representation using ns-3, based on the scenarios mentioned in the RFC.