5th International ICST Conference on Body Area Networks

Research Article

A Wearable Motion Tracker

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  • Fahad Moiz
    Walter Leon-Salas
    Yugyung Lee
    Year: 2012
    A Wearable Motion Tracker
    DOI: 10.1145/2221924.2221965
Fahad Moiz1, Walter Leon-Salas1,*, Yugyung Lee1
  • 1: University of Missouri-Kansas City
*Contact email: leonsalasw@umkc.edu


This paper presents the development and testing of a wearable, multi-modality, motion capture platform. This platform can be used in a range of applications including virtual and augmented reality, biomechanics, sign language translation, gait analysis and graphics in movies and video games. Our platform includes inertial and ultrasonic motion sensing modalities. The combination of these modalities is expected to improve the overall accuracy of the captured motion data. An electronic board for this has been designed, fabricated and programmed. The board measures 3.2 cm x 4.8 cm and includes a low-power microcontroller, a radio unit, a three-axis accelerometer, a two-axis gyroscope, an ultrasonic transmitter and an ultrasonic receiver. Results using the inertial and ultrasonic sensors to estimate position are presented.