1st International ICST Conference on Performance Evaluation Methodologies and Tools

Research Article

Web graph analyzer tool

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  • Konstantin Avrachenkov
    Danil Nemirovsky
    Natalia Osipova
    Year: 2012
    Web graph analyzer tool
    DOI: 10.1145/1190095.1190164
Konstantin Avrachenkov1,*, Danil Nemirovsky2,*, Natalia Osipova1,*
  • 1: INRIA Sophia Antipolis, 2004, Route des Lucioles, B.P.93 06902, France
  • 2: St.Petersburg State University, 35, Universitetsky Pr., Peterhof, St. Petersburg, 198504, Russia.
*Contact email: K.Avrachenkov@sophia.inria.fr, Danil.Nemirovsky@gmail.com, Natalia.Osipova@sophia.inria.fr


We present the software tool "Web Graph Analyzer". This tool is designed to perform a comprehensive analysis of the Web Graph structure. By Web Graph we mean a graph whose vertices are Web pages and whose edges are hyper-links. With the help of the Web Graph Analyzer we can study the local graph characteristics such as numbers and sets of incoming/outgoing links to/from a given page, the page level relative to a given root page, and the global graph characteristics such as PageRank, Giant Strongly Connected Component, the number of dangling nodes. The Web Graph Analyzer has a user friendly GUI that allows an easy collection of a part of WWW and its thorough investigation. The Web Graph Analyzer is based on the Oracle DBMS which scales well with the large volumes of data.