1st International ICST Conference on Open NGN and IMS Testbeds Workshop

Research Article

ImsInnovation - Experiences of an IMS Testbed

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        author={Tomas Mecklin and Miljenko Opsenica and  Heidi-Maria Rissanen and Darwin Valderas},
        title={ImsInnovation - Experiences of an IMS Testbed},
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  • Tomas Mecklin
    Miljenko Opsenica
    Heidi-Maria Rissanen
    Darwin Valderas
    Year: 2009
    ImsInnovation - Experiences of an IMS Testbed
    DOI: 10.1109/TRIDENTCOM.2009.4976245
Tomas Mecklin1, Miljenko Opsenica1, Heidi-Maria Rissanen1, Darwin Valderas1
  • 1: Ericsson Research Nomadiclab, Hirsalantie 11, Jorvas, Finland


The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) defined by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) is the architecture merging the Internet and mobile worlds. The IMS enables new business models and allows third-party developers to make their applications available to all IMS users. This paper introduces an IMS testbed called ImsInnovation, which was launched in Summer 2008. The objective of the testbed project is to ease the development of new third-party applications for the IMS. As part of this project we provide web developers with Java APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that exploit the functionality of the IMS both for the Java Mobile Edition (ME) and the Java Enterprise Edition (EE). The provided APIs are based on existing SIP and IMS Java Specification Requests defined by the Java Community Process (JCP). In this paper we also discuss our experiences from the testbed project and describe a couple of applications deployed in the testbed.