1st International ICST Workshop on the Value of Security through Collaboration

Research Article

Establishing agreements in dynamic virtual organizations

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        author={Tatyana  Ryutov and Noria  Foukia and Li Zhou and Clifford  Neuman},
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        proceedings={1st International ICST Workshop on the Value of Security through Collaboration},
  • Tatyana Ryutov
    Noria Foukia
    Li Zhou
    Clifford Neuman
    Year: 2006
    Establishing agreements in dynamic virtual organizations
    DOI: 10.1109/SECCMW.2005.1588300
Tatyana Ryutov1,*, Noria Foukia1, Li Zhou1, Clifford Neuman1
  • 1: University of Southern California, USA
*Contact email: tryutov@ISI.EDU


We present a framework that introduces key concepts relevant to agreement negotiation in virtual organizations (VO). The framework serves as a foundation for implementing an automated system that facilitates the establishment of VO agreements, considerably reduces the effort for setting up a VO and consequently reduces the VO's time for operation. The framework captures the relationship between the initial participants' behaviors, expectations, obligations and agreements, making sure that in implementing a system, one does not overlook the important aspects of the agreement structure and negotiation. The framework can be used to validate a negotiation, ensure validity of the achieved agreement and form strategies for future negotiations. A novel aspect of the initial trust establishment described in this paper is the consideration of the effects of the participants' behaviors during the negotiation process on mutual trust. We use the concepts to describe our work-in-progress for specification and negotiation of the agreements that govern the behavior of VO entities.