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Runtime Deployment Adaptation for Resource Constrained Devices

  • @INPROCEEDINGS{10.1109/PERSER.2007.4283936,
        author={Raf  Hens and  Bas  Boone and Filip de Turck and Bart   Dhoedt},
        title={Runtime Deployment Adaptation for Resource Constrained Devices},
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  • Raf Hens
    Bas Boone
    Filip de Turck
    Bart Dhoedt
    Year: 2007
    Runtime Deployment Adaptation for Resource Constrained Devices
    DOI: 10.1109/PERSER.2007.4283936
Raf Hens1,*, Bas Boone1, Filip de Turck1, Bart Dhoedt1
  • 1: Department of Information Technology, Ghent University - IBBT - IMEC, 9050 Gent, Belgium
*Contact email:


This paper proposes a solution for the resource constraints of mobile devices. As an alternative for the thin client approach, a hybrid approach is presented, that is able to adapt dynamically to changes in the context in which the mobile application runs. By switching dynamically, at runtime, between local and remote execution of components of an application, the quality of experience of the end user is optimized. An ILP model to minimize the impact on end user experience, taking into account different context parameters, such network delay and available processing resources, is presented. Tests performed with this model have resulted in a simplified ILP model. The behaviour of this model under changing network conditions is presented. Finally, the possibilities to incorporate this model into an earlier designed framework are discussed.