Software engineering for pervasive services Workshop

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A Development Framework for Adaptive Pervasive Applications

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  • Kurt Geihs
    Year: 2007
    A Development Framework for Adaptive Pervasive Applications
    DOI: 10.1109/PERSER.2007.4283935
Kurt Geihs1,*
  • 1: Universität Kassel, EECS Department, D-34121 Kassel, Germany
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Pervasive computing applications need to cope with the dynamics of their environment: For example, applications may want to adapt when connectivity changes, new services appear, user requirements and preferences change, or some application-specific sensor value exceeds a predefined threshold. Pervasive applications are context-aware and react during runtime to changes in their environment in order to maintain their usefulness and quality of service. While context-awareness as such has been the subject of intensive studies for more than a decade, the development of adaptive applications that are able to adjust themselves to context changes still is a complex and not well understood task. Software engineering techniques are needed in order to design and implement adaptivity and variability into the application software.