1st International ICST Conference on Systems Engineering and Modeling

Research Article

Systems Modeling Languages: OPM Versus SysML

  • @INPROCEEDINGS{10.1109/ICSEM.2007.373339,
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  • Y. Grobshtein
    E. Safra
    D. Dori
    V. Perelman
    Year: 2007
    Systems Modeling Languages: OPM Versus SysML
    DOI: 10.1109/ICSEM.2007.373339
Y. Grobshtein1, E. Safra1, D. Dori1, V. Perelman1
  • 1: Technion, Haifa


As systems are becoming ever larger and more complex, and as more stakeholders, typically from different disciplines, are involved throughout the system lifecycle, the challenge of overcoming the complexity inherent in systems development grows too. While a document-centric approach has been common practice, coping with the growing complexity of current systems calls for a model-based approach. This work discusses two systems modeling languages, OMG's SysML - Systems Modeling Language and OPM - Object Process Methodology. To demonstrate the similarities and differences between the languages, a concrete sample system was modeled in both SysML and OPM and the issue was discussed in an experimental graduate students' Web-based forum as part of a course in information systems engineering. Our study shows that SysML tends to be more appropriate in cases where a detailed picture is required. Alternatively, OPM is more suitable for defining system boundaries and demonstrating the overall picture of the system.