2nd International ICST Conference on Broadband Networks

Research Article

Energy-efficient communication in battery-constrained portable devices

  • @INPROCEEDINGS{10.1109/ICBN.2005.1589644,
        author={Athina Markopoulou and yan  Li and Carri Chan and Nick Bambos},
        title={Energy-efficient communication in battery-constrained portable devices},
        proceedings={2nd International ICST Conference on Broadband Networks},
  • Athina Markopoulou
    yan Li
    Carri Chan
    Nick Bambos
    Year: 2006
    Energy-efficient communication in battery-constrained portable devices
    DOI: 10.1109/ICBN.2005.1589644
Athina Markopoulou1,*, yan Li1,*, Carri Chan1,*, Nick Bambos1,*
  • 1: Electrical Engineering Department, Stanford University, CA, USA
*Contact email: amarko@stanford.edu, liyan@stanford.edu, cwchan@stanford.edu, bambos@stanford.edu


Portable devices (such as personal digital assistants and laptops with wireless connectivity) are becoming ubiquitous. As their functionality and capabilities increase, their energy consumption requirements also increase. Yet, these devices have to operate on limited batteries. In order to maximize the battery lifetime, it is necessary to optimize the use of energy at various components of such a device. In this paper, we consider a single portable device operating on a limited battery that transmits information over an interference-limited wireless channel. We seek to optimize the power consumption on the communication radio in this device, by controlling both the operation mode and the transmission power. We model the general problem using dynamic programming, obtain the optimal solutions for insightful special cases and explore various design tradeoffs. Our work provides an analytical framework for stochastic modeling and optimization of energy spent for communications in battery-operated portable devices.