2nd International ICST Conference on Collaborative Computing: Networking, Applications and Worksharing

Research Article

WORKPAD: 2-Layered Peer-to-Peer for Emergency Management through Adaptive Processes

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        title={WORKPAD: 2-Layered Peer-to-Peer for Emergency Management through Adaptive Processes},
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  • Tiziana Catarci
    Fabio De Rosa
    Massimiliano de Leoni
    Massimo Mecella
    Michele Angelaccio
    Schahram Dustdar
    Begoña Gonzalvez
    Giuseppe Iiritano
    Alenka Krek
    Guido Vetere
    Zdenek M. Zalis
    Year: 2007
    WORKPAD: 2-Layered Peer-to-Peer for Emergency Management through Adaptive Processes
    DOI: 10.1109/COLCOM.2006.361872
Tiziana Catarci1,*, Fabio De Rosa1,*, Massimiliano de Leoni1,*, Massimo Mecella1,*, Michele Angelaccio2,*, Schahram Dustdar3,*, Begoña Gonzalvez4,*, Giuseppe Iiritano5,*, Alenka Krek6,*, Guido Vetere7,*, Zdenek M. Zalis8,*
  • 1: Università di Roma "La Sapienza", Italy
  • 2: Università di Roma "Tor Vergata", Italy
  • 3: Technische Universitaet Wien, Austria
  • 4: Moviquity, Spain
  • 5: Regione Calabria - Dipartimento della Protezione Civile, Italy
  • 6: Salzburg Research, Austria
  • 7: IBM Italia, Italy
  • 8: Software602, Czech Republic
*Contact email: catarci@dis.uniroma1.it, derosa@dis.uniroma1.it, deleoni@dis.uniroma1.it, mecella@dis.uniroma1.it, angelaccio@disp.uniroma2.it, dustdar@infosys.tuwien.ac.at, bgr@moviquity.com, g.iiritano@protezionecivilecalabria.it, _alenka.krek@salzburgresearch.at, gvetere@it.ibm.com, zalis@software602.cz


In this paper, we present a recently funded European research project, namely WORKPAD, that aims at designing and developing an innovative software infrastructure (software, models, services, etc.) for supporting collaborative work of human operators in emergency/disaster scenarios. In such scenarios, different teams, belonging to different organizations, need to collaborate with one other to reach a common goal; each team member is equipped with handheld devices (PDAs) and communication technologies, and should carry on specific tasks. In such a case we can consider the whole team as carrying on a process, and the different teams (of the different organizations) collaborate through the "interleaving" of all the different processes (macro-process). Each team is supported by some back-end centre, and the different centres need to cooperate at an inter-organizational level to reach an effective coordination among teams. The project investigates a 2-level framework for such scenarios: a back-end peer-to-peer community, providing advanced services requiring high computational power, data & knowledge & content integration, and a set of front-end peer-to-peer communities, that provide services to human workers, mainly by adaptively enacting processes on mobile ad-hoc networks.