1st International ICST Workshop on Satellite Communications

Research Article

Multi-Layer Beam Architecture in Mobile Satellite Communications

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  • Fei Yang
    Meiyu Huang
    Sihai Zhang
    Wuyang Zhou
    Year: 2012
    Multi-Layer Beam Architecture in Mobile Satellite Communications
    DOI: 10.1109/ChinaCom.2011.6158323
Fei Yang1,*, Meiyu Huang1, Sihai Zhang1, Wuyang Zhou1
  • 1: University of Science and Technology of China
*Contact email: genyang@mail.ustc.edu.cn


Since satellite communications have developed towards personal and mobile communication, they become indispensable portions in global communications. Transmission power and available frequency band are restricted by the satellite inherent characteristic. So, a new resource management strategy is required for satellite communications. Spot beam technique is widely adopted in satellite systems, building a overlapped beams architecture (OBA), with its frequency reuse just as in terrestrial cellulars, in which entire spectrum is orthogonally assigned to adjacent beams, leading to a relatively low spectrum utilization. In this paper, a new multi-layer beam architecture (MBA) is proposed. We analyze the system performance by calculating global reuse factor, system maximum achievable rate and blocking probability. Numerical results suggest that MBA outperforms the original OBA in the metrics above, making better utilization of frequency spectrum.