6th International ICST Conference on Communications and Networking in China

Research Article

Multi-stage beamforming codebook for 60GHz WPAN

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  • Li Chen
    Ying Yang
    Xiaohui Chen
    Weidong Wang
    Year: 2012
    Multi-stage beamforming codebook for 60GHz WPAN
    DOI: 10.1109/ChinaCom.2011.6158179
Li Chen1,*, Ying Yang1, Xiaohui Chen1, Weidong Wang1
  • 1: University of Science and Technology of China
*Contact email: clbyx@mail.ustc.edu.cn


Beamforming(BF) based on codebook is regarded as an attractive solution to resolve the poor link budget of millimeter-wave 60GHz wireless communication. Because the number of the elements of antenna array in 60GHz increases, the beam patterns generated are more than common BF , and it causes long set-up time during beam patterns searching. In order to reduce the set-up time, three stages protocol, namely the device (DEV) to DEV linking, sector-level searching and beam-level searching has been adopted by the IEEE 802.15.3c as an optional functionality to realize Gbps communication systems. However, it is still a challenge to create codebook of different patterns to support three stages protocol from common codebook of beam pattern. In this paper, we proposes a multi-stage codebook design and the realization architecture to support three stages BF. The multi-stage codebook can create different granularity of beam patterns and realize progressive searching. Simulation results for eight elements uniform linear array (ULA) show that this design can divide the beam searching to three stages searching without increasing the system complexity.