ChinaCom2009-Advances in Internet Symposium

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A Pre-authentication Architecture in WiFi&WiMAX Integrated System

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        author={Liming Hou and Kai X. Miao},
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  • Liming Hou
    Kai X. Miao
    Year: 2009
    A Pre-authentication Architecture in WiFi&WiMAX Integrated System
    DOI: 10.1109/CHINACOM.2009.5339967
Liming Hou1,*, Kai X. Miao2,*
  • 1: Department of Electronic Engineering Tsinghua University Beijing, China
  • 2: IT Research and Technology Development Intel Corporation Beijing, China
*Contact email:,


Integrated WiFi and WiMAX network is of great potential for the future due to the high data transport capacity of WiFi and the wider coverage of WiMAX. Under an integrated architecture, a mobile station (MS) with dual-interface should be able to seamlessly roam between WiFi and WiMAX networks. In addition to network handover, a proper security model is recognized as a key issue for such a heterogeneous network. In this paper, a pre-authentication architecture, based on the EAPTLS protocol, is proposed to provide mutual authentication in WiFi/WiMAX hybrid network. The proposed authentication procedure can be divided into two stages: pre-authentication and re-authentication. By the utilization of pre-authentication, the authentication delay can be significantly reduced when a MS roams between WiFi and WiMAX networks.