ChinaCom2009-Optical Communications and Networking Symposium

Research Article

Design of Access Network System Based on 10G EPON

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  • Nian Xiong
    Baomin Xu
    Zhiwei Zeng
    Shuner Chen
    Weiping Liu
    Year: 2009
    Design of Access Network System Based on 10G EPON
    DOI: 10.1109/CHINACOM.2009.5339934
Nian Xiong1, Baomin Xu2, Zhiwei Zeng1, Shuner Chen1, Weiping Liu1
  • 1: Department of Electronic and Engineering,Jinan University,Guangzhou ,China
  • 2: Guangzhou Telecom co.,Ltd., Guangzhou ,China


Improvement and advantages of 10G EPON hierarchical model, which had been standardized in the framework of the IEEE 802.3av Task Force, are analyzed. Based on the analysis, the related upgrading technique scheme of 1G EPON to 10G EPON as well as the corresponding technical key bottlenecks of dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA) mechanism and security problems are thoroughly studied. Furthermore, three kinds of networking schemes based on 10G EPON systems are proposed, which can respectively be suitable for different situations of FTTH, FTTO and mobile communications. At the same time, these schemes can support various triple-play services and effectively integrate the computer communication with telephone and video services, providing a good reference for future 10G EPON access network system.