4th International ICST Conference on Communications and Networking in China

Research Article

Full diversity blind space-time block codes

  • @INPROCEEDINGS{10.1109/CHINACOM.2009.5339740,
        author={Jian-Kang  Zhang},
        title={Full diversity blind space-time block codes},
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  • Jian-Kang Zhang
    Year: 2009
    Full diversity blind space-time block codes
    DOI: 10.1109/CHINACOM.2009.5339740
Jian-Kang Zhang1
  • 1: Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


In this paper, we consider the systematic design of a space-time block code for a wireless communication system with multiple transmitter-receiver antennas and flat fading, in which channel state information is completely unknown. From the viewpoint of blind signal processing, we give a necessary and sufficient condition for the unique identification of the MIMO flat fading channel and transmitted signal. Then, we establish some novel unique factorizations for a pair of coprime P-ary and Q-ary Phase Shift Keying (PSK) constellations. With this and currently available coherent space-time block code designs we develop a method to systematically construct full diversity blind nonunitary space-time block codes, as well as unitary codes by just performing the QR decomposition of the non-unitary codes. We prove that under a noise-free environment, our code design can guarantee that the transmitted signals and the channel coefficients are uniquely identified.