ChinaCom2008-Frontiers on Communications and Networking Symposium

Research Article

Detection of Binary Signal with Both Impulsive and Gaussian Interference

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  • Kang Wang
    Guomin Zhou
    Zhenmao Xiang
    Year: 2008
    Detection of Binary Signal with Both Impulsive and Gaussian Interference
    DOI: 10.1109/CHINACOM.2008.4685142
Kang Wang1,*, Guomin Zhou1,*, Zhenmao Xiang1
  • 1: Basic Courses Department Zhejiang Police College Hangzhou, China
*Contact email:,


In communication environments such as power line channel, impulsive noise greatly deteriorates the performance of detection algorithm based on Gauss optimization. This paper introduces a symmetric alpha stable (SaS) distribution to model a statistical model of impulsive noise, and considers that interference in the receiver is a mixture of additional white Gaussian noise (AWGN) and SaS noise. Based on this noise model, a nonlinear detector is proposed through the numerical calculation method. Simulations show that the proposed detector is robust, and its performance is slightly worse than the locally optimum (LO) [1] in non-Gaussian environment, however, the key parameters do not need known in advance and its computational complexity is reduced greatly.