ChinaCom2008-Advances in Internet Symposium

Research Article

DDP: A Novel P2P Taffic Management and Optimization Protocol

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  • ZHOU Xu
    TANG Hui
    QIN Wei
    SUN Chao
    MA Nan
    Year: 2008
    DDP: A Novel P2P Taffic Management and Optimization Protocol
    DOI: 10.1109/CHINACOM.2008.4685004
ZHOU Xu1,*, TANG Hui1, QIN Wei1, SUN Chao1, MA Nan2,*
  • 1: High Performance Network Lab. Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Science Beijing, China
  • 2: Internet Standardization Open Lab. China Electronics Standardization Institute Beijing, China
*Contact email:,


In this paper, we proposed a P2P traffic management and optimization protocol named DDP (Domain Detecting Protocol). DDP works in a cooperative way between network providers and P2P venders. With a light-weight, flexible, and open framework, DDP can be attached to all existing P2P systems without changing the original P2P protocols. DDP can guide P2P traffic to match the topology of the underlying network as far as possible. We implemented DDP on BitTorrent protocol and deployed a DDP Caching system in a real MAN environment, and got excellent results in reducing BT traffic and optimizing user experience.