2nd International ICST Conference on Communications and Networking in China

Research Article

An Accurate HARQ Scheme for LDPC

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  • Xuehua Li
    Zhensong Li
    Yiqing Cao
    Year: 2008
    An Accurate HARQ Scheme for LDPC
    DOI: 10.1109/CHINACOM.2007.4469463
Xuehua Li1,*, Zhensong Li2, Yiqing Cao2
  • 1: information & Communication Engineering Department of Beijing Information Technology Institute, Beijing, P. R. China. (phone: 86-10-64884695; fax: 86-10-64884696)
  • 2: Wireless Research Center, Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications, Beijing, P. R. China.
*Contact email: lixuehua@biti.edu.cn


An accurate hybrid ARQ (HARQ) scheme for irregular LDPC codes is introduced in this paper, in which the source retransmits the nodes at specific proportions each time. The proportions of retransmission bits can be specified in definite quantity with Gaussian Approximation (GA) and optimal method as long as degree distribution and initial channel state are known. It provides an accurate mean to evaluate other HARQ schemes for LDPC coded system. The traditional Degree Distribution Based HARQ (DDB-HARQ) is also studied and compared with the proposed one. Statistic and numerical results are presented and we can conclude that the new scheme has optimal performance in the HARQ schemes based on degree distribution of LDPC codes.