1st International ICST Conference on Communications and Networking in China

Research Article

TCP Throughput for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications

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        author={Xinming  Zhang and Fei  Xie and Wenjing  Wang and Mainak  Chatterjee},
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  • Xinming Zhang
    Fei Xie
    Wenjing Wang
    Mainak Chatterjee
    Year: 2007
    TCP Throughput for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications
    DOI: 10.1109/CHINACOM.2006.344794
Xinming Zhang1,2, Fei Xie3,4, Wenjing Wang3,4, Mainak Chatterjee3,4
  • 1: Computer Science and Technology, University of Science and
  • 2: Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui, 230027, China
  • 3: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Central Florida
  • 4: Orlando, FL 32816, USA


It is well established that the relative movement of vehicles significantly affects the performance of the networking protocols in vehicle-to-vehicle communication. As TCP is the widely used end-to-end transport protocol, it is interesting to study its performance in such a highly mobile environment. In this paper, we consider a uni-directional motion of vehicles the velocities of which are gamma distributed. We present an analytical framework that forms the vehicle-to-vehicle network. With the help of a modified Bessel function of the second kind, we evaluate the cumulative distribution function of inter-vehicle distance. We also calculate the probability for catch-up and the expected time for it. The effect of round trip time and retransmission rate are studied which are then used to calculate the TCP throughput. Numerical results are presented that show high traffic density and diversity in velocity of the vehicles increase TCP throughput in a vehicle-to-vehicle network