1st International ICST Workshop on Optical Burst/Packet Switching

Research Article

Multi-granular Stream Optical Burst Switching

  • @INPROCEEDINGS{10.1109/BROADNETS.2006.4374340,
        author={Oliver Yu and  Ming Liao and Yuan Cao},
        title={Multi-granular Stream Optical Burst Switching},
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  • Oliver Yu
    Ming Liao
    Yuan Cao
    Year: 2006
    Multi-granular Stream Optical Burst Switching
    DOI: 10.1109/BROADNETS.2006.4374340
Oliver Yu1,*, Ming Liao1, Yuan Cao1
  • 1: Department of ECE, University of Illinois at Chicago, 851 S. Morgan Street, Chicago, Illinois 60607
*Contact email: oyu@ece.uic.edu


This paper presents a novel architecture of multi-granular stream optical burst switching (MGS-OBS), which enables an all-optical network to support sub-wavelength streaming traffic of diverse bandwidth granularities with guaranteed end-to-end delay and data loss rate. It shapes a sub-wavelength stream into a periodic burst train; and allows variable bit rate (VBR) streaming traffic with same source and destination to share the reserved bandwidth through statistical multiplexing. By adopting periodic advanced scheduling of burst trains, MGS-OBS substantially decreases recursive signaling processing in supporting sub-wavelength streaming traffic. MGS-OBS employs burst train reservation blocking recovery by time-shifting a blocked burst train. Performance of MGS-OBS is analyzed in terms of wavelength utilization and data loss rate, and the stream transmission failure rate. It is found that the performance of the MGS-OBS is compared favorably with other OBS schemes that target for efficient support of bursty traffic.