2nd International ICST Conference on Access Networks

Research Article

A Cost Model for Broadband Access: FTTx versus WiMAX

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  • João Paulo Ribeiro Pereira
    Year: 2008
    A Cost Model for Broadband Access: FTTx versus WiMAX
    DOI: 10.1109/ACCESSNETS.2007.4447117
João Paulo Ribeiro Pereira1,*
  • 1: ESTiG – IPBragança - Portugal
*Contact email: jprp@ipb.pt


Local communities and governments are taking various steps to fight the so-called “digital divide” between well served urban communities and undeserved areas. In order to make broadband access available to these under served areas, several technical solutions are available with the capacity to provide high speed Internet access, video, telephony services, etc. This paper presents a cost-model and a tool for the evaluation of broadband access technologies (xDSL, HFC, FTTx, WíMAX, PLC and satellite), and compares two technologies: FTTx and WiMAX. Our tool compares these different access technologies in different scenarios, and examining the capital expense and deployment of building access networks with the same requisite performance using each technology. The cost model is limited to the access part of the network. The results obtained by our evaluation tool give the possibility to compare several BB access technologies, and support the decision about which is the better technological solution for a given scenario.