Third International conference on advances in communication, network and computing

Research Article

Testing of Reversible Combinational Circuits

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  • Y. Syamala
    A. Tilak
    K. Srilakshmi
    Year: 2012
    Testing of Reversible Combinational Circuits
    DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-35615-5_7
Y. Syamala1,*, A. Tilak1,*, K. Srilakshmi1,*
  • 1: Gudlavalleru Engineering College
*Contact email:,,


Reversible logic is becoming one of the emerging technologies because of its applications in low power design, quantum computing, quantum dot cellular automata and optical computing. As a result, design of reversible logic computing has been gaining more and more attention from researchers, since, under ideal physical circumstances the power dissipation of reversible computing is zero. Conventional decoder and encoder circuits which found applications in memories, processors, communications etc., are power inefficient. In this work, a decoder, encoder and priority encoder are realized using reversible logic to reduce power dissipation. A reversible linear feedback shift register and multiple input signature register are designed to facilitate built – in self-test based on signature analysis. The proposed circuits are tested for single stuck-at, single missing gate and multiple missing gate faults.