Third International conference on advances in communication, network and computing

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Periocular Region Classifiers

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  • D. Ambika
    K. Radhika
    D. Seshachalam
    Year: 2012
    Periocular Region Classifiers
    DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-35615-5_45
D. Ambika1, K. Radhika1, D. Seshachalam1
  • 1: BMS College of Engineering


Biometrics is the science of establishing human identity based on the physical or behavioral traits of an individual such as face, iris, ear, hand geometry, finger print, gait, knuckle joints and conjunctival vasculature among others. The enormous attention drawn towards the ocular biometrics during the recent years has led to the exploration of newer traits such as the periocular region. With the preliminary exploration of the feasibility of periocular region to be used as an independent biometric trait or in combination of face/iris, research towards periocular region is currently gaining lot of prominence. Over the last few years many researchers have investigated various techniques of feature extraction and classification in the periocular region. This paper attempts to review a few of these classifier techniques useful for developing robust classification algorithms.