1st International Workshop on Mobile Cloud Computing

Research Article

On Economic Mobile Cloud Computing Model

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  • Hongbin Liang
    Dijiang Huang
    Daiyuan Peng
    Year: 2012
    On Economic Mobile Cloud Computing Model
    DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-29336-8_22
Hongbin Liang, Dijiang Huang1, Daiyuan Peng2
  • 1: Arizona State University
  • 2: Southwest Jiaotong University


Cloud has become a promising service model for mobile devices. Using cloud services, mobile devices can outsource its computationally intensive operations to the cloud, such as searching, data mining, and multimedia processing. In this service computing model, how to build an economic service provisioning scheme is critical for mobile cloud service providers. Particularly when the mobile cloud resource is restricted. In this paper, we present an economic mobile cloud computing model using Semi-Markov Decision Process for mobile cloud resource allocation. Our model takes the considerations the cloud computing capacity, the overall cloud system gain, and expenses of mobile users using cloud services. Based on the best of our knowledge, our presented model is the first to address the economic service provisioning for mobile cloud services. In the performance evaluation, we showed that the presented economic mobile cloud computing model can produce the optimal system gain with a given cloud service inter-domain transfer probability.