1st International ICST Workshop on Mobile and Location-based Business Applications

Research Article

SociCare: Towards a Context Aware Mobile Community Emergency System

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  • Mark Bilandzic
    Christian Menkens
    Julian Sussmann
    Daniel Kleine-Albers
    Eva Bittner
    Armand Golpaygani
    Bernhard Mehl
    Jonas Huckestein
    Othmane Khelil
    Year: 2012
    SociCare: Towards a Context Aware Mobile Community Emergency System
    DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-17758-3_26
Mark Bilandzic1,*, Christian Menkens1,*, Julian Sussmann1,*, Daniel Kleine-Albers1,*, Eva Bittner1,*, Armand Golpaygani1,*, Bernhard Mehl1,*, Jonas Huckestein1,*, Othmane Khelil1,*
  • 1: Technische Universitaet Muenchen
*Contact email: bilandzic@cdtm.de, menkens@cdtm.de, sussmann@cdtm.de, daniel.kleine-albers@cdtm.de, eva.bittner@cdtm.de, armand.golpaygani@cdtm.de, bernhard.mehl@cdtm.de, jonas.huckestein@cdtm.de, othmane.khelil@cdtm.de


Demographic change and the increase in life expectancy continuously increase the average age in our society. Depending on the physical shape and mental constitution, the elderly need assistance to master regular activities in their everyday lives, as well as urgent help in emergency situations (e.g. in case of a collapse or heart attack). Thereby, time is the most crucial factor. In some emergency cases such as heart attack, people might die if there is no immediate help available. This paper presents the design, architecture and prototype implementation of SociCare, a ubiquitous context aware mobile community emergency system. SociCare is designed to that help emergency call centers leverage and coordinate random voluntary helpers nearby the emergency location. It’s user interface enables human call center agents to quickly and easily identify, verify and select voluntary emergency helpers based on their context information. Such information can be for example current availability, distance to the emergency location and general skills and ability to provide first aid in the specific emergency case. Based on a prototype implementation of the developed concept an evaluation including for example field and usability studies will be conducted.