Mining User-Generated Content for Security

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Cross-Lingual Analysis of Concerns and Reports on Crimes in Blogs

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  • Hiroyuki Nakasaki
    Yusuke Abe
    Takehito Utsuro
    Yasuhide Kawada
    Tomohiro Fukuhara
    Noriko Kando
    Masaharu Yoshioka
    Hiroshi Nakagawa
    Yoji Kiyota
    Year: 2012
    Cross-Lingual Analysis of Concerns and Reports on Crimes in Blogs
    DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-12630-7_39
Hiroyuki Nakasaki1,*, Yusuke Abe1, Takehito Utsuro1,*, Yasuhide Kawada2, Tomohiro Fukuhara3, Noriko Kando4, Masaharu Yoshioka5, Hiroshi Nakagawa3, Yoji Kiyota3
  • 1: University of Tsukuba
  • 2: Navix Co., Ltd.
  • 3: University of Tokyo, Kashiwa, 277-8568
  • 4: National Institute of Informatics
  • 5: Hokkaido University
*Contact email:,


Among other domains and topics on which some issues are frequently argued in the blogosphere, the domain of crime is one of the most seriously discussed by various kinds of bloggers. Such information on crimes in blogs is especially valuable for outsiders from abroad who are not familiar with cultures and crimes in foreign countries. This paper proposes a framework of cross-lingually analyzing people’s concerns, reports, and experiences on crimes in their own blogs. In the retrieval of blog feeds/posts, we take two approaches, focusing on various types of bloggers such as experts in the crime domain and victims of criminal acts.