Personalization in Media Delivery Platforms

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Personalization of Media Delivery in Seamless Content Delivery Networks

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  • Marta Alvargonzález
    Laura Arnaiz
    Lara García
    Faustino Sanchez
    Theodore Zahariadis
    Federico Álvarez
    Year: 2012
    Personalization of Media Delivery in Seamless Content Delivery Networks
    DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-12630-7_24
Marta Alvargonzález1,*, Laura Arnaiz1,*, Lara García1,*, Faustino Sanchez1,*, Theodore Zahariadis2,*, Federico Álvarez1,*
  • 1: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (GATV)
  • 2: Synelixis Solutions Ltd
*Contact email:,,,,,


In this paper, we propose an innovative system that aims to adapt to the user needs and preferences the media content transmissions within IP and P2P environments. To personalize the manner the content is displayed to the final user, this proposed network allows the transmission of multiple views and different layers for each media content piece. In addition, we suggest an approach on how to deal with the problem of contents transmission over P2P networks while preserving the author’s rights. In this document, the system architecture is presented, especially the structure concerning the different streams sent over it and the security involved. This research path is being investigated within “SEAmless Content delivery” (SEA) project [1].