Towards Brain-inspired Interconnects and Circuits

Research Article

On Wires Holding a Handful of Electrons

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  • Valeriu Beiu
    Walid Ibrahim
    Rafic Makki
    Year: 2012
    On Wires Holding a Handful of Electrons
    DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-04850-0_34
Valeriu Beiu1,*, Walid Ibrahim1,*, Rafic Makki2,*
  • 1: UAE University
  • 2: Abu Dhabi Educational Council
*Contact email:,,


When analyzing reliability, wires have in most cases been ignored, with gates (and devices) taking the lion’s share. With scaling, this approach is not going to be accurate enough as . Trying to do justice to wires, this paper details a statistical failure analysis of wires following on the few papers which have made wires’ reliability their concern. We will use a classical particle-like probabilistic approach to enhance on the accuracy of wires’ length-dependent probabilities of failure due to the discreetness of charge. Covering some of the intrinsic noises, such an approach leads to “lower bound”-like wire reliability estimates, as ignoring other intrinsic noises, as well as extrinsic noises, variations, and defects. These results should have implications for multi-/many-cores and networks-on-chip, as well as forward-looking investigations on emerging nano-architectures.