Towards Brain-inspired Interconnects and Circuits

Research Article

On Two-Layer Hierarchical Networks How Does the Brain Do This?

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  • Valeriu Beiu
    Basheer Madappuram
    Peter Kelly
    Liam McDaid
    Year: 2012
    On Two-Layer Hierarchical Networks How Does the Brain Do This?
    DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-04850-0_31
Valeriu Beiu1,*, Basheer Madappuram1,*, Peter Kelly2,*, Liam McDaid2,*
  • 1: UAE University
  • 2: University of Ulster
*Contact email:,,,


In this paper our aim is to identify layered hierarchical generic network topologies which could closely mimic brain’s connectivity. Recent analyses have compared the brain’s connectivity (based both on a cortical-equivalent Rent’s rule and on neurological data) with well-known network topologies used in supercomputers and massively parallel computers (using two different interpretations of Rent’s rule). These have revealed that none of the well-known computer network topologies by themselves are strong contenders for mimicking the brain’s connectivity. That is why in this paper we perform a high-level analysis of two-layer hierarchical generic networks. The range of granularities (, number of gates/cores/neurons) as well as the and the particular combinations of the two generic networks which would make such a mimicking achievable are identified and discussed.