1st International ICST ESA Workshop

Research Article

Feasibility of a GNSS-Probe for Creating Digital Maps of High Accuracy and Integrity

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        title={Feasibility of a GNSS-Probe for Creating Digital Maps of High Accuracy and Integrity},
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  • Dimitris Vartziotis
    Alkis Poulis
    Alexandros Minogiannis
    Panayiotis Siozos
    Iraklis Goudas
    Jaron Samson
    Michel Tossaint
    Year: 2012
    Feasibility of a GNSS-Probe for Creating Digital Maps of High Accuracy and Integrity
    DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-03819-8_36
Dimitris Vartziotis1,*, Alkis Poulis1,*, Alexandros Minogiannis1,*, Panayiotis Siozos1,*, Iraklis Goudas1,*, Jaron Samson2,*, Michel Tossaint2,*
  • 1: NIKI Ltd, Ethnikis Antistatis 205
  • 2: European Space Agency-ESTEC
*Contact email: dimitris.vartziotis@nikitec.gr, alkis.poulis@nikitec.gr, alex.minogiannis@nikitec.gr, panos.siozos@nikitec.gr, iraklis.goudas@nikitec.gr, Jaron.Samson@esa.int, Michel.Tossaint@esa.int


The “ROADSCANNER” project addresses the need for increased accuracy and integrity Digital Maps (DM) utilizing the latest developments in GNSS, in order to provide the required datasets for novel applications, such as navigation based Safety Applications, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Digital Automotive Simulations. The activity covered in the current paper is the feasibility study, preliminary tests, initial product design and development plan for an EGNOS enabled vehicle probe. The vehicle probe will be used for generating high accuracy, high integrity and ADAS compatible digital maps of roads, employing a multiple passes methodology supported by sophisticated refinement algorithms. Furthermore, the vehicle probe will be equipped with pavement scanning and other data fusion equipment, in order to produce 3D road surface models compatible with standards of road-tire simulation applications. The project was assigned to NIKI Ltd under the 1st Call for Ideas in the frame of the ESA - Greece Task Force.