Emerging Technologies in Computing. Second International Conference, iCETiC 2019, London, UK, August 19–20, 2019, Proceedings

Research Article

A Data Science Methodology for Internet-of-Things

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  • Sarfraz Brohi
    Mohsen Marjani
    Ibrahim Hashem
    Thulasyammal Pillai
    Sukhminder Kaur
    Sagaya Amalathas
    Year: 2019
    A Data Science Methodology for Internet-of-Things
    DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-23943-5_13
Sarfraz Brohi1,*, Mohsen Marjani1,*, Ibrahim Hashem1,*, Thulasyammal Pillai1,*, Sukhminder Kaur1,*, Sagaya Amalathas1,*
  • 1: Taylor’s University
*Contact email: SarfrazNawaz.Brohi@taylors.edu.my, Mohsen.Marjani@taylors.edu.my, IbrahimAbaker.TargioHashem@taylors.edu.my, Thulasyammal.RamiahPillai@taylors.edu.my, Sukhminder.Kaur@taylors.edu.my, Sagaya.Amalathas@taylors.edu.my


The journey of data from the state of being valueless to valuable has been possible due to powerful analytics tools and processing platforms. Organizations have realized the potential of data, and they are looking far ahead from the traditional relational databases to unstructured as well as semi-structured data generated from heterogeneous sources. With the numerous devices and sensors surrounding our ecosystem, IoT has become a reality, and with the use of data science, IoT analytics has become a tremendous opportunity to perceive incredible insights. However, despite the various benefits of IoT analytics, organizations are apprehensive with the dark side of IoT such as security and privacy concerns. In this research, we discuss the opportunities and concerns of IoT analytics. Moreover, we propose a generic data science methodology for IoT data analytics named as Plan, Collect and Analytics for Internet-of-Things (PCA-IoT). The proposed methodology could be applied in IoT scenarios to perform data analytics for effective and efficient decision-making.