1st International ICST Workshop on OMNeT++

Research Article

Opportunistic Networking in OMNeT++

        author={\^{O}lafur Ragnar Helgason and Kristj\^{a}n Valur J\^{o}nsson},
        title={Opportunistic Networking in OMNeT++},
        proceedings={1st International ICST Workshop on OMNeT++},
        keywords={Simulation Mobility Opportunistic Networking DTN OMNeT++},
  • Ólafur Ragnar Helgason
    Kristján Valur Jónsson
    Year: 2010
    Opportunistic Networking in OMNeT++
    DOI: 10.4108/ICST.SIMUTOOLS2008.3050
Ólafur Ragnar Helgason1,*, Kristján Valur Jónsson2,*
  • 1: Laboratory for Communication Networks, KTH, Royal Inst. of Technology 10044, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2: Network Systems and Services Laboratory, Reykjavik University 103, Reykjavik, Iceland.
*Contact email: olafur.helgason@ee.kth.se, kristjanvj04@ru.is


We describe mechanisms for simulating opportunistic and delay-tolerant networks in the OMNeT++ discrete event simulator. The mechanisms allow for simulating open systems of wireless mobile nodes where mobility- or contact traces are used to drive the simulations. This way mobility generation is separated from the core OMNeT++ protocol simulations which facilitates importing synthetic or real data from external mobility generators, real mobility tracking data or real contact traces. The paper describes the design and implementation of our mechanisms for OMNeT++ and gives an example of how we have used these to simulate opportunistic wireless content distribution in an urban environment.