6th International ICST Conference on Broadband Communications, Networks, and Systems

Research Article

Programmable Multi-Granular Optical Networks: Requirements and Architecture

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        author={Georgios S. Zervas and Reza Nejabati and Dimitra Simeonidou and Carla Raffaelli and Michele Savi and Chris Develder and Marc De Leenheer and Didier Colle and Nicola Ciulli and Gino Carrozzo and Marco Schiano},
        title={Programmable Multi-Granular Optical Networks: Requirements and Architecture},
        proceedings={6th International ICST Conference on Broadband Communications, Networks, and Systems},
        keywords={component multi-granular optical cross connects programmable networks optical burst switching},
  • Georgios S. Zervas
    Reza Nejabati
    Dimitra Simeonidou
    Carla Raffaelli
    Michele Savi
    Chris Develder
    Marc De Leenheer
    Didier Colle
    Nicola Ciulli
    Gino Carrozzo
    Marco Schiano
    Year: 2009
    Programmable Multi-Granular Optical Networks: Requirements and Architecture
    DOI: 10.4108/ICST.BROADNETS2009.7402
Georgios S. Zervas1,*, Reza Nejabati1,*, Dimitra Simeonidou1,*, Carla Raffaelli2,*, Michele Savi2,*, Chris Develder3,*, Marc De Leenheer3, Didier Colle3, Nicola Ciulli4,*, Gino Carrozzo4,*, Marco Schiano5,*
  • 1: School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, University of Essex, Colchester, UK
  • 2: DEIS – University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy
  • 3: Dept. of Information Technology (INTEC), IBCN, Ghent University – IBBT, Ghent, Belgium
  • 4: Nextworks s.r.l., Pisa, Italy
  • 5: Transport & OPB Innovation, Telecom Italia, Torino, Italy
*Contact email: gzerva@essex.ac.uk, rnejab@essex.ac.uk, dsimeo@essex.ac.uk, carla.raffaelli@unibo.it, michele.savi@unibo.it, chris.develder@intec.ugent.be, n.ciulli@nextworks.it, g.carrozzo@nextworks.it, marco.schiano@telecomitalia.it


This paper presents a programmable multi-granular optical cross connect (MG-OXC) and network architecture deployable in multi-service and multi-provider networks. The concept of programmable MG-OXC is introduced to provide a way of utilizing multiple switching/transport granularities to efficiently support the emerging traffic demands in both core and metro networks. For this reason, the supported bandwidth granularities include full lambdas, sub- and super-lambdas and multiple transport formats such as bursts, flows and packets. The programmability is envisaged by a software/hardware platform that simplifies network control, re-planning at the logical level and end-to-end service transparency, by translating the technology-specific information to technology independent services in an abstracted and logical manner.